Oliver Hospitality
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Lewmarnel’s is a classic American restaurant located between the lake and mountains of Lake Tahoe


5 Market Square Knoxville, TN 37902

Here at Oliver Royale, we relish in good taste. We think you do, too.  As part of downtown Knoxville’s chef driven food scene, Oliver Royale strives to be exemplary, serving all the classics and new favorites alike. It’s of the highest priority to not only support our consumers, but also our local purveyors for their choice, fresh ingredients.

Don’t just visit us for daily lunch and dinner, but come Saturday and Sunday for a gratifying brunch. For those after work and nightly hours, come peruse our stately bar, as its well-stocked array of wine and spirits. Join us at one of the oldest buildings in downtown Knoxville for an illustrious and bold experience.